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The Reasons For Nose Job Craze

Many people often ask what type of doctor can perform a nose job. Obviously, a plastic surgeon Charlotte Nose Job can perform the procedure. Additionally, a maxillofacial surgeon ,a surgeon who specializes in treating the mouth, jaws, and face, and an otolaryngologist ,someone who specializes in treating ear, nose, and throat diseases, also have the ability to perform a rhinoplasty.

One of a fascinating cosmetic surgery procedures today is the nose job (which is also called a rhinoplasty or nose reshaping). As proof, just turn on your local entertainment channel and you will most likely hear the host discussing which celebrity is suspected of having a nose job recently. For some reason, the public’s interest in this procedure never seems to wane.

First, many people question whether this procedure is safe. Luckily, this procedure is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures, with an estimated half of a million people undergoing the procedure in 2007. As a result, a nose job is a truly proven procedure.

The next question that usually arises is why someone would choose to get a nose job? There are two reasons why people have this surgery. The first is due to their desire to improve the functionality of their nose. The functionality can be impaired, either due to trauma to the nose of breathing problems. The second reason people choose to get a nose reshaping is due to aesthetic reasons. Some candidates may feel their nose is too big, too small, or simply shaped wrong.

Now that we know why people undergo the rhinoplasty procedure and we know that it is a proven procedure, we can move to what the actual surgery entails. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon modifies the nose’s bone and cartilage framework to produce the desired result (whether improved functionality or more aesthetically pleasing). This modification can include increasing/decreasing the patient’s nose size or reshape the nostrils.