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Money morning the form of investment that have greater probability to gain profit

Investment is always associated with the risk, regardless of the form of the investment. Investing in capital market pose a particular risk; and the risk is greater than investing in assets that have a low risk (low risk) or close to zero (risk-free), such as savings deposits and SBI / SBPU. Given risks that must be borne by an  investor who will invest their funds in the capital market, playing the  stock following tips may help before you start investing in capital market activities.

Do not buy an investment product that is not understood very well. For that before investing, various sources of information should be studied in advance as a reference book, magazine / newsletter business and financial results of the research or consultation with financial institutions an Investment Advisor. Here are some tips to  play / stock investment. If you have selected a product such as stocks, and then have to determine which company will be the target of your investment, then you should do the  fundamental analysis of stocks in which the investigation carried out at the company’s fundamentals and in terms of performance on the Stock Exchange ( if the shares were traded on the stock Exchange) for example through the company’s prospectus, company profile, financial reports, news and capital markets.