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Gold investment profitable funds for your future

The difference between gold investment with a stock investment is the level of risk that profits and losses that can not know for sure, because of fluctuating price levels were different If the fluctuating price of gold investment levels could be reached and the acceleration of price moves can still be monitored, unlike his thing with investing in stocks that have high levels of fluctuation of its very high so it can only be seen on the same day and have opening and closing hours of the market.

For example JCI (Joint Stock Price Index), at any time of the price of the shares within a matter of minutes to reach the rise so high that even reach thousands of points per day, nor the degree keanjlokan or price reductions are achieved, at one time the price could straight down so drastically to thousands of points per day. Different thing with gold investment, at 1 day rate of price increase in just hundreds of points per day in just a few hours, as well as the decline in the price in one day just down hundreds of points in a matter of hours per day. If compared between investing in stocks with a gold investment is obviously much different. For the level of security / loss achieved, investments have a very low loss rate, due to volatile price movements that can minimize the loss rate, so investors can become more careful in managing their funds.